Words Of Love

The legend of “La Befana” is an old Italian Christmas tradition that has its origins traced back to the 13th century: La Befana travels on her magic broom, on the eve of  January 5th to every house in Italy in search of the baby Jesus while bringing gifts like candy or fruit to the children that were good and coal to the children that were naughty.
When I was a little girl I remember spending a Christmas in Italy with my family. I was the only one out of my siblings to receive coal. I can still remember the feeling of sadness that I felt the next morning. I couldn’t understand. I asked my mother “why not me? Why didn’t I get candy like my sisters?”
My mom told me that I had to be nicer and kinder to my siblings and listen to her and my dad more, and if I was good, maybe next year I would get candy. She knew I would welcome the challenge…. (I really don’t think I was that bad) but.. I do like a good challenge (and still do) So I tried harder to be better, especially with my siblings and my parents. Well it paid off and the following year that little girl got candy.. lots of candy! Because of my mothers love, guidance and gentle advice to be a better human, I got what I wanted and turned my lesson into in a win for me. This story is a constant reminder for me that I can do anything I put my heart and mind into. If I can believe it than I can achieve it. When I was forty eight years old I wanted to be a storyteller. I wanted to tell women’s stories and have my books published and in book stores. I didn’t have a clue on how, but I knew I wanted it to happen. I had a realization that my moms lesson still rang true today. “Why not me?” I can and I will rise up to the challenge and follow my dream.
“I Belong To You” and “ I Love You Still” are written from my heart. The words I write will always be about love.. Self Love. I believe that what is written with passion, has a purpose, and it’s my responsibility as an author to share its message to those who are like me. I believe my stories need me to stand by them and protect the words and hard work I have put into telling them. By doing that I have gained more readers and believers in my message of love. I believe that a good story can stay quiet if no one knows about it. So I continue to work hard to become a better writer and share my stories of love with you. I have truly enjoyed meeting new people, and hearing their stories as we all have one to tell. Each and everyone of your life stories has changed me. I love inspiring you and being inspired by you.
I will continue to write and speak from what moves me.
I am so amazingly proud to say that as of today, “I Belong To You“ has been read and sold in Canada, USA, Italy, England, Singapore,Spain,Malta,France,Germany, Ireland, Africa,Australia,Sweden,Japan, Indonesia, South America, Lithuania, Jamaica, Cuba,Punta Cana, Romania, Brazil,China, Nigeria, Beirut, Mexico, Norway, and so many more super cool places on this earth. It has touched almost every corner of the world.
I started this journey to tell a story just over four years ago. Not knowing who would read it if anyone would for that matter. I decided early on that I would only write for me first, and to stay true to the women in my book series. I was told from the beginning of my journey that not everyone including those closest to me would support me and that only a small percentage of writers will and do succeed. I argued with this professional about her comment of “those closest to you will not support you.” But unfortunately she was right.
I am learning to not be so sensitive to this realization of truth.. but I do struggle with this still. As the old saying states “ it is what it is.” This is so true to the things you have no control over and just can’t change.
To succeed, a person needs to be persistent, determined, and peaceful in not laying blame on others for failing.
I am in that small percentage, and I have succeeded at following my dream and will continue to move #onward no matter what. I can’t wait to release my second book in the series “ I Love You Still” this Spring. “I Belong To You” continues to sell out in Chapters and one day will be on the best seller list, and also told through cinematic magic. I Belong To You is the reason I founded Confession Sessions and I believe my purpose of giving back, through the power of stories…your stories.
That in my world is truly amazing.
I want to thank every true supporter for every word of encouragement every email,review and comment, every picture, every order, every conversation,and every story told. You have all given me renewed belief in goodness and have filled my life with positivity, hope, motivation, inspiration, and confidence to continue on my journey. I Belong To You is finding its readers across this beautiful world of ours. All of this because I believe in my dream…. That’s kind of magical right?
Just like that little girl waking up so many years ago on January 6th knowing she would never get coal again from the Befana. Thank you to my beautiful mama for teaching me that “I Can” be kinder, and better, and to always believe in magic and
Love Love

Modesta Tonan