To The West


It’s experiences, not possessions, that create memories and meaning.”

-Some vacations take you on a journey and leave you in awe. It took me many years to finally realize that Canada was worth travelling. 

I always had the notion that given the chance to go somewhere,  I would choose Italy or a sunny destination. 

However, the recent pandemic taught me that time is a gift and it waits for no one. It reminded me to do what I want and can before I can’t anymore. 

I  have always wanted to see Lake Louise and Canada’s picturesque and ever changing vast landscape for so many years.

Thats why I chose The Rocky Mountaineer to do exactly that. 

A train ride that took two days of travel through two provinces, Banff, Alberta to Vancouver, British Columbia. 

It gave me everything I was looking for with an unbelievable panoramic view of beauty. 

All from the comfort of our glass enclosed train car. We also had a dining car below us that served delicious 5 star meals and fantastic Okanagan wine. 

It was a perfect and memorable way to see Canada’s iconic mountains,endless rivers and landscapes, our rain forest and the most picturesque rivers. 

I also learned some very interesting Canadian history and geography along the way. 

I have no favourite moment in my journey as each new day brought me new beauty and some of the greatest creations of nature.

A definite highlight would be seeing the stunning and majestic Lake Louise for the first time. 

A glacial lake within Banff National Park.

Now I know why it is sometimes referred to as the “Jewel of the Rockies.”

Another highlight would be driving the Sea to Sky highway and conquering my fear of  heights, especially gondolas, but I did it…twice! 

Banff’s Sulphur Mountain One, was the first one. A eight-minute gondola ride that gave me a 360-degree view of six Canadian Rocky mountain ranges. 

The second was the world record-breaking PEAK 2 PEAK Gondola. A breathtaking, journey to the summit of Whistler Mountain, where we saw awe-inspiring scenic views of Canada’s Coast Mountains. 

But it took a ride on the worlds highest lift of its kind with a  4.4km span between Whistler and Blackcomb mountain. 

A ride that took eleven minutes on two gondola’s to get there. 

I DID It and I’m so happy I did! 

I felt like I was in Gods country and close to heaven. 

I once read somewhere that, “nature has everything for us. Relaxation, healing, creativity.

As nature changes with the seasons, it’s a reminder this is also happening in us — we’re changing constantly.”

As long as you are mindful. 

I, for one believe that spending time in nature is good for the soul and gives our lives a needed balance.

Next Canadian adventure, I’m heading east!