Thirty Two Things

Thirty two years ago today, on a cold, and snowy Saturday in Niagara Falls, Marino and I were married. I am exceedingly grateful for my marriage and blessed to have such a great man by my side, who loves me, cares for me, has my back, knows and accepts all of my flaws, but chooses to focus on my strengths. 

~In ode to our years together as husband and wife. I have listed thirty two things that I have learned while married to this wonderfully weird man. I think some of you may relate! 

1~ Our parents have been  great examples of marriage to emulate, but we’ve allowed our marriage to be uniquely and solely our own. Taking what we’ve learned through the years and tweaking it to fit us. ?‍?‍?‍?

2~He still makes me laugh and has the best laugh ever! ?

3~How we handled the little money we had early on is the same way we handle a little more now. (I’m not involved in the handling)? ?

4~He doesn’t ask for much, but only matching socks, or any socks for that matter. My question is (“where do the socks go?”) ? ?

5~ My love of thai food and romantic movies doesn’t guarantee his love for them, and vice versa his love for  hockey, football, golf, baseball, ok any sport that has a ball or not, does not guarantee mine. ?? 

6~He always calms me down by holding my hand on take off and landing when we fly, and let’s me have the window seat in airplanes, even if he gets his knee knocked all the time because his long legs stick out into the isle. ✈ 

7~He’s so patient with me when I don’t understand things, especially numbers. ?

8~Looks aren’t everything, and yet they’re something. And he gets better looking to me as the years go by.??‍♂️

9~ He always orders the better tasting dish than me at a restaurant and then let’s me share it with him.? 

10~ I am a morning person. He’s a night owl. This hasn’t changed in thirty years and it’s not going to. But I love love that he always rubs my back when he gets into bed.  ? ? 

11~He really knows a lot about nothing, and is fascinated with things that no one else is. Like the recent purchase and installation of our very silent garage door opener. The whole family had to go watch and witness just how quiet it is. He’s like a big kid with a new toy.? 

12~He has two nicknames for me “play by play.” 

(I think that’s self explanatory?)

And “Delphina” (this one is super cool?)

13~We agreed early on that spending money on education, travel, and life experiences is very important to us, so we’ve budgeted with that in mind. ?‍? ?‍? ? 

14~He can watch Seinfeld, Goodfellas, and Pope of Greenwich Village over and over and over and over again.. and always find something new, and will recite lines of movies in many conversations.

15~I do all of the talking when we walk or go on road trips. When I don’t talk he knows I’m mad. ??

16~Our upbringings affected, but never  dictated how we handle holidays, or family functions. We’ve had to decide early on in our marriage, what’s best for our family.? ? 

17~He’s perfectly happy with a tomato salad and apples, for his boxed lunch. Anything red for that matter. I learned early on “no green fruit or vegetables.” I think it’s a HAB thingy. ? ?

18~He’s my very own weatherman and human gps. He makes sure I know what I really need to know and safely get to where I need to get to.? ☔ 

19~We don’t do well in playing any kind of game as a team or on separate teams . We are just to damn competitive. So we just avoid it as much as we can.. It’s better this way. ? 

20~We equally love our children, but the way we show that to them looks very different. ?

21~Sometimes he’s wrong.. Sometimes I’m wrong… Sometimes we’re both wrong. It took us a while to understand we need to fight for each other, not against each other. We continue to figure it out as we go along. ???‍♀️??‍♂️

22~ As much as I want him to read my mind, he just can’t. So I get to tell him what I’m thinking every now and then and how I’d like for him to join me in those thoughts.?

23~It’s important to us to always leave a party or function together. We learned this the hard way(and that’s another story) ???

24~ I say, “I love you” often. And he says “you should.” That’s code for “I Love You Too.” ?

25~We do date night, and we dance. We’ve always loved to dance with each other. We fit so well together and it’s so super romantic..???

26~ We thank each other often for the most mundane things. (For example: He thanks me for my cooking no matter how great or thrown-together it is. And I thank him for working so hard, and providing for our family. Actually his intelligence is super sexy and turns me on. ?

27~This one is so important. From day one, he has always  had my back

28~He always makes me feel beautiful.

29~He makes my world go round, and when I need it most, he makes it standstill. Love you forever.

30~Darling, the last 31 years with you have been the greatest privilege of my life.

31~I love how you love our anniversary list so here’s year 31

~We did it my husband! We got through major renovations in our forever home.We navigated through the ups and downs together. You trusted my judgment on certain things and I trusted yours and I absolutely love our new house so much, but it’s you and our children that are my home.

32 ~ The fact that when I wasn’t feeling well, in Italy. You walked with me up hundreds of steps, in the extreme heat, not once, not twice but three times.
I know this sounds cheesy but my life really wouldn’t have been the same if I hadn’t met you

Through the years our love had to continuously change to make it, and we both put the work into our thirty two years together! Not only do I love you with all my heart and soul… I like you too!

From this day forward, we still continue to enjoy each other’s company. We are truly blessed to grow old together, and watch our beautiful children grow up and leave home to create their own life. And yet, deep down in my heart. I still believe the best is yet to come!

Thirty Two Years Of What Love Is All About!?

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  1. Modesta I loved reading this!!!! It made me happy to see that your love is truly special. It also showed me that it is really a give and take relationship when you love someone . It’s all about respecting each other and finding the balance that works for each of you! Thank you for sharing!! Love you my dear and beautiful friend

  2. Keep adding to the list of success! You two are an inspiration! Your 29 things are a perfect formula for a good and strong marriage and a happy life! ?????????

  3. Happy 27th anniversary Modesta and Marino! What a gorgeous bride you were (and still are). I love your inspirational quips, they are so true. Best wishes again and many many more ahead.

  4. Happy anniversary to a couple who I have come to admire their love and respect for each other ❤️?❤️?

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