Modesta’s Power Circle

My friend, my defender, my listener (sounding board), the one person who will always stand up for you, “Modesta, a.k.a., Moe, – my beautiful sister. The bond of sisterhood symbolizes a foundation where dreams are born, futures are discovered, emotions run wild and each moment spent together creates lifelong memories.
With Love, Friendship & Sisterhood, Nora Coccia


Sophia Loren, Aries, Italian & Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada – So of Course, we are great friends!
Very strong, sensitive, giving and generous – Modesta reminds me so much of Sophia Loren, a beautiful and classy lady.
We have an amazing friendship, she understands me as I understand her and most importantly she appreciates all of my jokes!
Lifelong Friends, Rob Golfi, RE/MAX Escarpment Golfi Realty


Unapologetic When It Comes to Your Passions – You Go All In!
Fiercely loyal, affectionate with an open heart, fearless to show emotion, loving mother who puts others first and a dedicated friend that is passionate about all things family! No matter what situation may arise, you always find the positive in every moment.
My Dearest Sister-In-Law – Success is yours to share with the world, the love of family is eternal & my support is forever…
With Love, Sonia Boyle


Best Friends & Sisterhood – 35 Years And Evolving
I will forever cherish the day that two shy girls became lifelong friends as one of my most cherished memories is that of us cruising Clifton Hill in your parent’s car, “The Green Beast,” as I can still hear the stereo blarring with our favourite songs and laughing uncontrollably as the car was jammed full of our closest family and friends.

The family values instilled to you by your beautiful parents are the very foundation, the platform for how you live each day and offer lifelong inspiration and guidance to your children, family and friends.

With an undeniable determination to overcome any obstacle, you have always endured the tests of the universe through the power of transforming pain into strength and strength into success – The very foundation of a Mentor and Committed Friend as your vivacious outlook on life is forever infectious.

True Friendships Are Rare and You Never Fail to Impress – With Love, Eternal Friendship and Sisterhood, Sarah Vazquez


My Fiery, Italian Friend & Colorful Conversationalist
Our morning walks are filled with rants, laughter and sometimes tears as we journey back in time to memories of loved ones who left us far too soon – your mother was an inspiration to everyone who had the distinct pleasure of her presence.  Quite simply, our time together always leaves me with food for thought for the rest of the day – it’s an amazing start to my day!

Tenacious, Passionate and Committed……With an Eternity of Friendship, Erin Bonafiglia


Fashionista, Charismatic, Kind-Hearted & Humorous!
Modesta, a.k.a., Moe to me, is a True Wanderlust of Life with an exquisite, determined and upbeat persona. I’m always impressed by how she knows what she wants in life and makes it happen – Be prepared for her to give you everything, to always be there for you no matter what obstacles the universe decides to conjure up!

Forever Privileged to Be Part of Your Inner Circle – With Love & Eternal Friendship, Sue Golfi


A Free Spirit That Is Not Afraid To Share Raw, Overflowing Emotion With The World!
The embodiment of simplicity is Modesta, “Beautiful, Compassionate, Loyal, Humorous and of course, Fashionable!”

Although life has dealt you an array of unforeseen detours that have challenged the very foundation of your faith and at times left you vulnerable, you continue to embrace the moment and empower others with your positive energy.

The scars that you bear will forever be nurtured through the synergy that flows freely, so beautifully between your family and friends – your love for Marino, Lucas, Bella and Ava radiates from your soul with undeniable conviction.

The way I see you, is that of an Emotional and Spiritual Being just like Elizabeth Gilbert, the author of, “Eat Pray Love,”

You Rock My Friend, Josie


Universal Synergy
A catalyst that signifies strength for all women; Modesta embodies the essence of someone that incorporates their own life’s journey into a road map of self-reflection, empowerment, strength, integrity and strong values which in turn signifies that boundaries are just boundaries and the only limitation for success is the limits that we set for ourselves.

I want the world to fall in love with you just as each and every one of us have fallen in love with you from the perspective of a, “friend, sister, daughter, mother, lover, wife, professional and one of the most compassionate people I know.”

A Journey Untraveled Is An Experiencing Waiting To Be Captured – With Love, Respect & Eternal Friendship, Delinda Brenzil