Modesta Tonan is one of Canada’s most engaging, new author’s as the debut of her first novel, “I Belong to You”, will take you on a spiritual journey through the emotional depths of denial, love, humor and a longing to reconnect with that inner voice – “Your Intuition.”


Tonan’s timeless writing style is assured to capture the hearts and imaginations of readers around the world with what began as a girlfriend’s getaway to Italy soon transitioned into a life altering Epiphany that will have you question the very existence of your own life’s purpose.  It’s candid, transparent and definitely a read that will captivate your senses for this Wanderlust of Life soon becomes a victim of times already traveled and moments that are yet to be.

The art of happiness lies in the power of love

  • "It was a great getaway to read this story of sisterhood Italy and confusion of life. I am in love with the characters and see myself in some of them. I can't wait for Tonan's next novel!!"

  • "I thoroughly enjoyed this book as I was completely caught up in the moment of this journey that Modesta Tonan is taking us on. The discovery of emotions and feelings that all women can connect with. All the while totally in love with the romance of Italy. Very excited to read what happens next."

  • "Amazing story of love which kept me wanting more and made me feel like I was a part of the journey the whole way. I love reading novels that allow me to feel what the writer feels and Modesta did it with so much raw emotion that kept you intrigued and longing for
    More . I highly recommend This beautiful love story."