In 2019 Write Your Best Life

Oscar Wilde once said that,

“To live is the rarest thing in the world, because most people just exist, and that’s all.”

Let this year be the one where you matter the most, and don’t just exist in your life, but live it to the fullest capacity. Appreciate the small things, because those things are the things that matter most, and don’t forget to let those you love, know that you love them. Make yourself a better person,and go after those dreams that you never get around to. The time is now. 

Here Are A Few Of My Gentle Reminders For 2019;

~Don’t Sit On The Couch And Wait For It. 

~Go Out And Make A Difference.

~Smile More, Be Amazed.

~Try Something New. 

~Declutter & Decompress 

~Unfollow Negative People On Social Media. 

~Follow Through On What You Want.

~Go To Bed Early, Wake up early.

~Take Care Of Your Body. It’s Your Sacred Temple.

~Be Fierce.

~ Don’t Gossip.  

~Forgiveness Is A Choice.. Yours!

~Always Do You.

~Show More Gratitude 

~And Always Love Love

~I Read A Quote Once That I Saved Because It Resonanted With Me And I Think Very Appropriate To End And Begin A New Year;

“The Secret To A Rich Life Is To Have More Beginnings Than Endings.”

So Finally My Last Gentle Reminder Is This;

~Trust The Feeling You Get when You Know Something Is Finished. And Believe It Is A Start To A New Beginning. 

Happy New Year I Wish You All A Year Worth Writing About!

Love Love

Modesta Tonan



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