Grateful & Blessed

Grateful & Blessed

“The Concept Of Change Is The Only True Constant In Our Lives.”

Being grateful is a choice, and today on this, my fifty third year of “Giving Thanks.” I am extremely thankful for who I am, and what I have in my life. I have been giving the privilege of living this one life, and with that comes a responsibility. My life is not based on luck, on the contrary. It’s based on difficult choices and continuous work. The best and most important work I will ever do, is working on me, through self love and forgiveness.
To be totally honest with you, this year has tested me beyond what I could of ever imagined. It has been a year of non-stop change for me. I have gone from ultimate highs and so much beauty in my life, to total chaos, and moments of depression, sadness, and fear.
I have also acquired some more battle wounds, some visible, and some embedded in my mind. They will always be my reminders  of battles fought and won. I have learned that with patience and time, pieces of me that are broken will mend, not quite like the way that they were. I will never be the same as before, nor do I want to be. Actually, my adversities have made me a better person and for that I am also grateful.
Yes, my portal of change has created beauty and chaos in my life, but in a poetically fierce way the older I get, the more confident, empowered and liberated I become. My vison has never been clearer, and I am wasting no more time in doing it my way.  I am truly blessed, and will continue to take responsibility for the choices I make in my life. Welcoming uncomfortable changes that make me feel more alive, grateful, and joyful
I hope my thoughts, and my words can help someone else see the beauty and chaos in their life too.
I always tell people to be self- aware of their own selfcare, and I have been self- aware and made the appropriate changes to better my life and ultimately myself. There is no positivity, goodness, and love, without my wellbeing first. I know some of you might read this and think I am only thinking of “me” and you are right! I do believe that this kind of selfish love is necessary in order to give my children, husband, and people I care about in my life, the best version of me that’s possible.
If you are unhappy in your life, then make the choice to change things. Be willing to let go of what grounds you, so you can rise up and better your life. Yes, change requires tough choices and change doesn’t come without pain. But, if you choose to embrace change then it will strengthen your mind, refresh your heart, and rejuvenate your soul.
Think of life transitions like the seasons, as they change we can change too.
You will feel enlightened, and empowered one season at a time. I know I have and for that I am grateful & blessed!
-Even change itself is ever changing

Love Love

-Modesta Tonan

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